Dear teen students

Small Town Musings

MAKE studies fun for yourselves. The teacher can’t do everything always, just like parents can’t make life easy for you. YOU help yourself. Find your own short-cuts, make up funny ways to remember what you need to. Learn to enjoy what you can, and put up with what you don’t. That, by the way, is the definition of Intelligence.

Dust those texts, pore over them. Go to the library, there’s something wonderful about searching for facts in old books that no googling is ever going to replicate. Make notes sitting up long hours. Write out reams of stuff, to understand how exactly notes are or are not made.Feel scared, nervous or confident, as is your wont. Make mistakes, and find your way.

Give the TV, computer, mobile phone and whatever else a miss. They don’t really add to your value as a student or human being. ( Tarak Mehta may…

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