Around the World with WordPress: New Zealand

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In our last Around the World with WordPress post, we showcased sites from Scotland. This week, our jaunt around the globe stops off in New Zealand — a land of beaches, mountains, rainforests, diverse cities, and hobbits.

Backpacker’s Guide to Middle Earth

Photo by Micheal, Backpacker’s Guide to Middle Earth

Twenty-eight-year-old Micheal promised himself that once he graduated university he would go on a quest. A quest to Middle Earth. There are a few difficulties in embarking on an epic journey to a fictional land, but luckily he hadThe Lord of the Rings Location Guidebookby Ian Brodie to help him. So began the adventure, hiking New Zealand from top to bottom, carrying everything that he needed to camp along the way, and visiting all the filming locations for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Like all good scribes, Micheal documented his travels in a foreign land —…

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