Taboo #8 Ill Health

It's the Time Of Your Life

Taboo #8 – Ill Health. (Updated September 2019) 

Ill Health – How do we avoid it? How do we deal with it when it does affect us? 

We can look at the top ten causes of death in men and women and focus on the preventable, however there is more to life than death so not only should we focus on quantity of life and what kills us but on what affects our quality of life whilst we are alive! Mortality AND Morbidity. I hear so often people say, “..well I have to die of something!” and a quick painless death may well be the best way to go especially if you have chosen your deity wisely and have paradise to look forward to for eternity. However death and dying are seldom that considerate so good luck with that as there’s that rather awkward in-between stage that most of us…

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