Maarkandam Soup | Mutton Nenju Elumbu soup | Mutton rib bones soup simple way recipe

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Maarkandam Soup, Mutton Nenju Elumbu Soup Recipe – Mutton rib bones soup. Very lite flavourful broth. Excellent remedy for cold and flu.

Nenjelumbu soup does not contain much fat and those who access a mutton shop to get this can can surely give this soup a try. The soup is very good when we are suffering from cold or recovering from any illness. The soup alone can be taken in a bowl and be given to kids right from the 18 month old baby.

Nenju elumbu soupis specially given to growing kids, puberty-attained girls andfeeding moms.Nenjelumbu soupwill be the first choice for sick and weak persons. It is said to boost immune system.Mutton rib bone soupis more tastier and healthier than normalmutton soup.

Health Benefits of Mutton Chest Bone Soup:

  1. Relief from common cold and bronchitis
  2. Relief from Arthritis and joint…

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