The White Cushaw Squash That Grew out of My Compost

Mark All My Words

In a recent story, I wrote about my attempt at compost gardening. At the time, my results were good but not quite as good as I wanted. As I mentioned then, I started this garden from seed in May and resolved not to use chemicals (synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, etc.) of any kind. In the five months since then, I’ve faithfully kept that resolution.

As a result my garden is entirely organic but a little late to reach maturity.


Fortunately things have changed since then. With temperatures remaining solidly in the 70-90º F range–despite the fact that it’s supposed to be autumn–my squash plants (Cucurbita mixta) have been positively thriving. They’ve even gone so far as to take over nearly a third of my backyard, where most of the grass has withered due to the drought we’re having in North Carolina.

So, with the…

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