Divinely blessed at all times


Through the darkness, through the light, I am guided and protected, cared and loved at all times. For Spirit always looks after me, in every breath, in every step, in all my ways. Divinity is just one thought/breath/insight away. Together, since ever and forever, in consciousness/light, we are One and I belong.

The shining light, perceived within and without, above and below, in all things/beings all around and from beyond, reminds me of the beauty of life, of higher meaning for all and the divine protection that is always available (to me and to all). It is truly a blessing when we realize it deeply inside. In these deep-felt-moments of realization, a heartfelt “I am so blessed” naturally emerges from within along with tears in my eyes.

It’s time to open up (mind, heart, soul) to the everlasting flow of universal energy and to tune into the infinite abundance of…

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