“Discovering ourselves in others”

"Just Another BlaH BlaH BlaH BloG."


This is the short version in a nutshell of the mirror that is always up and reflecting you back baby!

Most don’t want to hear ‘The Mirror is up” when we are in a disagreement, turmoil, or just struggling with other people.

‘But,’ when we have that “special” like/love connection; we love to identify with them, and that mirror looks fucking fantastic. 

Take a moment to experience this ‘mirror reality,’ see if this helps you undergo a bit more compassion for yourself and others.

Find something kind in everyone you encounter before you size them up or engage them with judgments.  After all, you are having a conversation with yourself.

Check your internal compass and see where you are irritated, and ask yourself, “Is this about me? or is this about them?”  Is there something here I need to look at? Either way, you look at the other; that is…

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