A to Z in Our World. Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth. Eggstracting. Egg Essence.

Our World Legends.

Featured Image The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #E. Eggstracting. Egg Essence.

The Egg so. Laid in Our World. Legends

so telling of one. Of Mother

Natures Methods of Life. Propagation.

A variety of Current Species lay Eggs.

From that Bird Family, The Ostrich

the biggest. So there.

From that Insect Family, Jungle Nymph

the larger thereof Eggs laid outs. Laid ins

The Whale Shark too. To

get a mention. Herein. Therein

Their Wombs an Egg. The Largest overalls known

thereof. Is so laid. Within. Rests

there till when. Live Young crack ups n out

Featured Topic Image Whale Shark and Younger. After Egg Within. So Cracked Ups.

breaking Egg. So within. Mum. So

thus. Then herein

A to Z

in Our World. Legends


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