This Autumn’s Marvellous Motivational Monday

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As I was reading and replying to the comments of my lifestyle blog and other blogs, I was greeted by this image…..

That’sPretty Awesome 👏 “

I really enjoy learning and connecting with other bloggers, who may be successful or on their path of success. The amount of blood, sweat and tears that all of the bloggers out there put out is astronomical.

Autumn has officially started and this is a wonderful way to begin the season of pumpkins and apple pies!! I am looking forward share more about skincare as once the weather changes, my skin changes along with it.

Sometimes, I feel like I am the only one out there, full of passion for what I enjoy and am interested in. Others around look at me like I am a maniac, an oddball…Unfortunately, it usually the people closest to you who put you down the most….

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