My Take-Aways From the Recently-Concluded FIBA World Cup

Color My World

Congratulations to Spain for winning the recently-concluded 2019 FIBA World Cup. After being dominated by US teams in the past 2 offerings, the emergence of new powers in the World Cup is a refreshing development.

Spain and Argentina came out as proud survivors in a grueling race to reach the Finals. From an initial group of 32 countries, the top 8 would advance to a knockout system quarterfinal round. Tourney favorites USA and Serbia would both be eliminated in the quarters, making the semis a mad scramble for the top. Spain would end up outlasting their Latino rivals 75-55 to win the crown as the world’s best. It was a wide open race, with Australia, France, Serbia, Poland – aside from perennial winner US of A – seriously contending for the crown.

The games gave us a glimpse of how the game is played all over the world. It put…

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