What do *I* want to do?

Sunflower Solace Farm

A friend of mine recently said ” It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants, what do YOU want to do?”  I thought back to what my goals were before Plannus Interruptus (common ailment for plans, no doctor needed).  Remember nearly five years ago when I bought an RV and planned on paying off debt and then hitting  the AT, followed by building a tiny house in the woods? (maybe, if you’re a long time reader, lol).  So I sat on how that felt back then for a while in my head.

Zoom in to today (pretend this is a video,’k?) I’m rushing towards 60 right now (What, how the hell did that happen???) I still have debt because DUH I bought a house when I moved LegoMan and me a few states away. The AT hike is not near future any more, although it still simmers on the back burner…

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