Falling Testosterone Levels is A New Threat to MANkind and No One Bothers

The Male Factor (TMF)

Low Testosterone

Having a sexy girlfriend that others envy and not able to enjoy sex with her is the biggest frustration a man can have. However, that is increasingly becoming a reality in the modern world. It doesn’t matter how well-built and well mannered you are, as a man of modern generation your ability to enjoy sex with your wife or girlfriend is reducing every day. This is because the testosterone level across the population is falling at an alarming speed and this is increased even more in the last three decades. The result of this phenomenon is that our boys are taking birth with less testosterone and that level is also reducing as they age. Today even men between 20-30 years of age suffer from androgen deficiency related issues.

Increased Adultery in Married Women

At this situation, if women are finding multiple sex partners, probably we can’t blame them entirely. In…

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