Are Elves Human? Is an Elven Soul and Spirit Different from that of a Human?

The Silver Elves Blog

Zardoa_refaire“The soul is the unifying aspect of our being. It connects us to others, for that is its function and to say that an elven soul is different than a human soul is to misunderstand the nature of humanity and, even more so, the true nature of the soul. All souls are One. Soul is the connective tissue of the energetic Universe. It seeks similarities not differences by its very nature. . . . .And while each elven spirit is unique, we do have a high propensity by our very elven spirit to seek to embrace our inner Nature within the human body or the true Nature of whatever form we have taken. And in that way, our elven spirits move us to evolve to be super human and lead humanity in uniting body and mind and developing intuitional intelligence through awareness of our inner Nature, as Humans will also…

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