Simple Pleasures of an Evening

This Amazing Life


When shadows are long and the day is beginning to fold

When the sun is being called to shine on another shore

When summer has left and winter is knocking at the door

Warm sip of ginger and a bit of lemon; brings a smile even when you are far away from home…..

Memories of years gone by, like breezes that have brushed my skin

Memories of laughing faces and happy moments enjoying the same lemon I taste…

Memories of younger days and familiar places that have now long been changed,

Maturity and development so they claim, but now it all feels too strange and bitter than the ginger I taste……

Sun and Rain, both have played their roles in our days

Shifting like clouds, sorrow and happiness have freely moved in and out….

Struggles we faced, like pilgrims who came and went

Smiling or frowning, like…

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