Prowling Around, and Finding Gracie

Peace With My Life

tuxedo cat
Tonka welcomed me to the Cat Care Society with purrs and leg rubs. His neckerchief means that he is to be approached with caution, but we hit it off immediately. If I thought that Nami would accept him, this older gentleman would have come home with me!

Much like a human partner, my pet and I will vacation together, support each other through health ups and downs, comfort and delight each other, and sleep together. So, although I could love and enjoy any pet – I have learned that it nonetheless pays off to find the right pet for me. For example, a dog that needed a 5-mile walk daily would be a rather difficult fit for me.

gray kittens
These cuties, Adam and Sally, were napping together when they weren’t playing.

There are times that life presents a pet that’s more than a good companion; it’s more of a soul-sister or…

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