When Japanese Pines Incline


My son and his dear wife gave us this Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii) years back, maybe a foot (30.5cm) tall sapling.

20190411_113637 Looks normal from this angle.

It took the place of an Asian elm that I always hated and had cut.

20190411_113655 Walk around it though and it looks weird.

The contractor’s soil put in after stump removal was rich so the pine grew fast.
2019-04-12 09.56.20
But, alas, it was not stable soil so the tree began listing to starboard, pizza tower like.

Of course the trunk bent over trying to compensate, as trees will under mass wastage or soil creep conditions.
I’m trying this post and rope support to save it, gradually pulling it straighter by looping the rope.

At each increment the normally vertical blossoms take several days to reorient.

Japanese_Black_Pine _1936-2007 Image via Wikipedia.

I think it will be OK now, though it’ll always look like a giant bonsai.


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