Trying to face my fear

Unexpected in common hours

I have a snake phobia. It used to be just a healthy respect, but after being trapped in a closed garage with a rat snake that was at least five feet long, the respect turned to fear. Rat snakes are not venomous, and our neighbor removed it from the garage, but the fear remained for a long time before subsiding. Then, about a month ago I killed a venomous copperhead in the garage, and the fear became a phobia.

Earlier this week, while simply standing on our front porch, I looked down and saw a very long snake on the top of one of the shrubs that is level with the porch floor. Determined to face my fear, I went back into the house for my camera and then took some photos before retreating completely inside.

I don’t know if taking the photos has helped or will help, as I…

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