Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #52: Serenity

HHC Blog

This is my submission for Tina’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #52: Serenity.

“Serenity” is not a rare word. I knew what it meant, more or less. The first photo came to my mind was a mirror-like ocean when I was at Chesapeake Bay last year.

And, I remember the sunset.

That was all I knew about the serenity. Was that it? I wondered.

I did a quick glance at all photos that were submitted to this challenge. Most of them (97%?) are natural images that don’t have people in them. Hmm… is it possible to find serenity when we are in a crowd?

Watching the 4th of July parade, I stared at people across the street from me…feeling serenity, anyone?

I saw idleness. Serenity? Maybe not. As usual, I googled. I found an article: “Getting to Serenity: 10 Daily Habits for Inner Peace”. The 10 Daily Habits, according…

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