Obstacles, the best gift 🧐

Precious Heart

Obstacles. Ugh, fucking obstacles. Obstacles give anxiety a whole new meaning. It’s like taking that shot of whiskey that you’ve never had before and trying to swallow it like a champ, but reality is your stomachs in knots and you’ll probably avoid that shot in the future. Okay, taking a shot of whiskey while trying to conquer any obstacle is probably not such a bad idea. It’s funny how often we find ourselves complaining about obstacles, but yet we avoid the hell out of it. Have you ever found yourself facing an obstacle and someone says “that’s minor, just deal with it” or “that’s not an obstacle, you’ll be fine”. Newsflash…obstacles, come in different severities, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

How often do we focus on the positive outcome when faced with obstacles though. Do we ever, I mean hell all we want to do is fuss, bitch, cry…

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