Oh the Places He’ll Go

Life in the Boomer Lane

Because the world is always changing, at least those parts which have not been consumed by fire, flood, excessive heat, or the actions that obliterate mountains and the Amazon, Life in the Boomer Lane has noted one recent change.

Politicians are required to swear in before taking office. But what they choose to swear in on is up to them. LBL knows this, compliments pf Wikipedia, inspired by Kelli Dunaway, St Louis County Councilwoman, choosing to place her hand on a copy of Dr Seuss’ beloved tome, “Oh the Places You Will Go,” as an inspiration for folks.

This fact opens up a whole new area of thought, mostly ending with “This is great stuff for my blog.” For example, LBL is entirely sure that Donald Trump is now raging that, had he known this in 2016, he would have been sworn in on a copy of “The Art…

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