Game Of Monotony

Tonerre's Word

“Here’s the plan: we are here for the win! Nothing less.” I kept repeating this to myself before I rolled the die. We were at a game night with a group of pals on New Year’s Eve years ago. The game: Monopoly. The aim: to win. The challenge: there are too many sly foxes on these here streets! For those who know, monopoly is quite a competitive game. Actually, “quite” is an understatement. At that point I was steadying my hands as I roll the die, banishing any fears of losing. I was busy blocking out thoughts like: “If I land on his hotel, I’ll still have this much money left,” or “Please no six, no six, no six.” I had a feeling that the guys could smell my fear but playing out my worst fears served no purpose at all so I kept things rolling. Luckily, I managed to…

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