Perspective #5


Change is the law of nature.To accept a change is a real challenge.

Every thing and every body some or the other time undergoes this phenomenon. Seasons change, summer goes winter comes then comes spring and so on. Trees shed their leaves in autumn for the new ones to take their place in spring. Isn’t this a challenge for the tree?….it accepts it,undergoes the whole process and survives.

Change is everywhere even human nature changes from time to time,our likes and dislikes changes with the passage of time. Even our body cells changes themselves after a particular period.

Darwin’s theory states,”survival of the fittest.” It again gives the message that accept the challenge of change then only one can survive. One can remain happy and contented if and only if one adapts the magical mantra of positive acceptence of change.

Follow the path of your destiny, trust the change,accept…

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