A Quick Peek at Awesome Australia

Color My World

Peering out the plane window, I could see what looked like virgin land stretching as far as my eyes could see. This was Australia, so distant, so mysterious, yet so alluring.

Beautiful land as far as my eyes can see. (Youtube)

Australia is the world’s last frontier, the last of the continents to have been discovered by the great explorers of centuries ago (not counting freezing-cold Antartica, of course). Its strategic isolation kept it a big mystery, with only the original aborigines patiently trying to make do with the harsh, barren land until the start of the 18th century. Modern Australia came into being in 1901, but for decades, the country would remain as distant as the moon up above.

Thus, I wondered how the place would treat me as the plane prepared to land in Melbourne.

Melbourne was a bit moody. She welcomed me with a slight drizzle and tried…

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