Wish to be a frequent traveller!!!!!

vimal v devan

Travelling is a routine changer or taking a break from long work for many people. Maybe taking a break from a tiring work schedule is liberty happening to a few people. Most of the travellers or so-called tourists are doing so because of the pressure from the family, especially from children. Isn’t it??

But I know some people who are frequent travellers. Well, I thought they are mad travellers. I mean today morning I had chat with them and the next day when I am hearing that they are engaged in trekking in the Western Ghats or walking on the beautiful beaches in Trincomalee!!! I had some vague thoughts in my mind how they can do this? How they get permission from their managers? How do their wife and children allow to go like this? I found the reason for such thoughts and the whole idea behind such thoughts were…

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