The Unsaid: Chapter Two

Hasmeet Writes

The starry night and the hazy moonlight had an eerie effect on her mind. This stunning canvas made her resign to her deep rooted feelings for him.

As they grew closer without actually conforming to the age old norms of romance, they fell for each other harder with every word they uttered. He ripped open his heart only to reveal his insecurities to her and she listened to it all with a sense of piercing in her heart for his struggles. She was falling for him, but alas! Subconsciously. And, hence, commenced the ending of their forever. How ironic! But so damn true.

It was strange how they talked every single night without fail and whenever they couldn’t, it would kill them from the inside. Oh! He was like this child and if only she could cradle him! He was someone else for others, but he was his true…

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