The inevitable Change 🤩

Precious Heart

Change. 6, 9, 12 months ago or even 1 or 2 years ago my response to change would’ve been, “If it’s not broken why fix it”. My god, thinking of those words now I think, “ how ridiculous was I” and “was I really that close minded”. There’s so much in our lives that aren’t considered “broken”, but yet we still change them so why do we give so much resistance when it comes to change. We’re so quick to look at change in such a damn negative manner, especially in regard to our careers, relationships, schooling, new experiences, basically any & everything that is out of our comfort zones. Yep, I sure as hell said it, our Comfort Zones. They’re whose really in charge when it comes to change. Always so quick to be complacent in our own comfort zones that we basically say to hell with anything that…

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