A beautiful love ❣️

Precious Heart

Love. Love could easily be described as the best feeling to have. You know, that feeling of being able to take a deep breath and have an overpowered sense of calmness that is so soothing, it can literally be felt within your chest if you let it. Do we even realize just how powerful love truly is, not just the word but the emotion itself. Without love or desire you lose the drive to fight, whether it’s an illness, career, school, advancement opportunities, relationships, hobbies, etc. Love controls so many emotions within the mind and soul that we fail to realize it until we start to feel the opposite of love.

Bet you’d never guess that emotion isn’t “hate”, it’s “indifferent”.

Indifference can have such a negative impact, actually indifference can be really ugly. Now, I’m not saying every time you feel indifferent about a situation that your life is…

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