Scattering Light Over Fields Of Uncertainty


[T]he prevalent sensation of oneself as a separate ego enclosed in a
bag of skin is a hallucination which accords neither with Western
science nor with the experimental philosophy-religions of the East.”
Alan Watts, The Book of Knowing Who You Really Are

Your first word was light.

ironic that you grew up to wear such a dark costume. I guess it
wasn’t a costume as much as it was a uniform. When you were home
you wore a tee shirt and shorts with your flip-flops and your hair in
a pony tail and you looked relaxed, friendly even. But when you went
out you put on several layers of chains and your skull and cross bone
ties, the all black button-down shirts, black pants, Fedora, knives
in your pocket, and the face. You put on the face that said, “Don’t
fuck with me.”

I knew you.


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