Old Man Walking

Life in the Boomer Lane

He was closing in on 70 and had retired several years earlier. His reward for a life of responsibility and hard work was to eat what he wanted, drink what he wanted, and enjoy his marriage and his family. He happily coasted on the fruits of his lifelong labors.

In his late sixties, he had an epiphany, of sorts. He decided that retired life should be more than coasting. After a lifetime of goals, he created new ones. He changed his diet, cut way down on wine, did cross fit. And he started walking. He walked 15 miles a day, sometimes more, all through his West Seattle neighborhood and beyond. People asked him if he had lost his mind. “No,” he answered, “I have found it.”

It was the walking that became a more and more important part of his life. It did more than take him along streets…

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