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haircut 1

This barber keeps overhead cost to a minimum, but his clientele seem not to care.  Requirement for his business was a towel. a stool, and clippers.  Since the tonsorial service was free, older grandson sits patiently while Papa Hayes sees an opportune moment to catch the toddler on the move and slow him down enough to give him a trim.  Does the unseen mom care?  Not a whit.  She has two or three other sons who benefit from Papa’s tonsorial care.

Reminds me of another relative, father of three sons, who said, “If I ever need money, I give all the boys a haircut.  Right there I’ve saved three dollars each so I’m up nine bucks.”  You know that was a while ago if haircuts were three dollars each!

My dad, Pete, also gave free haircuts. The tonsorial setting was in the well house where there was no mirror, so…

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