10 more awesome and interesting Florida quick facts

The Sunstone Journal

I haven’t had as much time to post about Florida since I’ve been spending more time on issues of mental health. I love posting cool stuff about Florida though, so, since it was incredibly popular the first time (see my previous post here) I decided to list 10 more interesting and awesome facts about Florida!

  1. Florida has a state flower. It is, of course, the beautiful orange blossom.

How I miss the smell of orange groves! Pinterest

2. The first Christian marriage recorded in what would become the United States took place in 1565 in St. Augustine. It was between a free black woman named Luisa de Abrego and a Spanish man named Miguel Rodriguez. You can read more about this story on La Florida.


3. Florida was admitted as a state in 1845, before the U.S. Civil War, and so it was admitted as a slave state. This…

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