Air Aces of World War One

Malcolm Marsh - Author

Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest
udetOberleutnant Ernst Udet – German Ace 1896 / 1941 Pt.5

  By late November, Udet was a triple Ace and Jastafuhrer modelling his attacks on those of Guynemer, coming in high out of the sun to pick out the rear aircraft before the rest of the squadron knew what had happened. Having witnessed one of these attacks, his commander in Jasta 37, selected Udet for command over more senior pilots. Udet’s ascension to command on November the 7th 1917 was followed six days later by the award of the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern. Despite his seemingly frivolous nature, drinking late in to the night and playboy lifestyle, Udet proved an excellent Squadron commander. He spent many hours coaching new fighter pilots, with an emphasis on marksmanship being an essential for success.

Udet’s success attracted him attention for his skill, earning him an invitation to…

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