Chapter 606: Okunoshima (大久野島)

The Flying Tofu

Okunoshima (大久野島)

Aka. Usagijima, Rabbit Island (うさぎ島). I’ve seen many pictures and read many stories. I’ve always wanted to go but it just never happened until now. At first glance it’s just the cutest place to visit, but the island carries a not-so-cute past time!! It once had a poison gas factory, many workers died from horrible burns, some were left suffering for several years and died from overexposure to dangerous chemicals. Most people visit Okunoshima for the bunnies, and wouldn’t expect to uncover a dark past time. It’s evident that some creepy stuff took place on the island as there are eerie ruins and buildings that scream ‘HORROR MOVIE!’ There is a small museum near Port 1 on the island for visitors who want to learn more for 100 yen.

The rabbits are very friendly towards humans, they’ll come running towards you, especially if you have food. They’re all…

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