Traveling with Kids

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When thinking about traveling with children, most people would probably imagine a luxury holiday in a nice resort on a Pacific island, or a flight to classic Europe to see major attractions including Disneyland of course. Flights, hotels, rental cars, restaurants, pretty hectic but a good and entertaining holiday. However, that’s not what I’m talking about. Ever thought about a Caravan Road Trip? Now you’re talking.

I know it sounds crazy. Why would you travel with your kids in a caravan and tow them and your belongings all around the country? Think about it, it’s quite insane. You know what’s more? to get the best of it you should travel for a long period of time. Caravaning is a cost-effective way to travel, so why don’t you stretch it over a few months or what do you say – a whole year!

Before you freak out and click away…

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