Lost Puppy, Birds, And More

Above Illusion

I seemed to have picked up a “lost puppy” just the other day. Here I was, minding my own business, astonished just how many birds I was seeing and capturing. Then comes along this young man, who no matter how many hints I gave that er, I was busy, stuck to me like glue, talking talking talking.


So instead of being rude, I accepted his presence at my side. For sure he put a halt to me taking pictures, yet, my Heart directed me just to let things unfold. Yeah, I was uncomfortable and I really just wanted to stay in camera land.

But. This young man’s sticking to me like glue, showed clearly how lonely people in this world have become. Technology has severely interfered with human contact that all of us not only yearn for but also require to remain human. Here is a young man wandering…

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