Years after My Choice, This is The Best Chance For Deepika To Show Her Empowerment

The Male Factor (TMF)

Deepika-ranveer-marriage After her marriage, it’s the best time to she her empowered lifestyle to us

So, yet another International Women’s Day is here and it is time to see weird ways women want to empower them. A few years ago, we have seen such an attempt and we have not yet forgotten that.

Remember My Choice video of Deepika Padukone. Come 28th March and this VogueEmpower video that vouched to empower women will celebrate its yet another ‘glorious’ anniversary. But even after years of preaching (or instigating) women about their choices, we are yet to see a truly empowered Deepika Padukone. We are yet to see how her ‘unbounded, uninhibited and unregulated’ lifestyle (like beasts in the jungle, even though beasts actually follow their rules), has helped her in her personal life, especially after her marriage. This is the best time for her to prove to all the uncivilized brutes…

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